phrog_29633 is made of 2 protein sequences and is annotated as "unknown function"
Functional category: unknown function

Average length of proteins Number of columns in the MSA Number of conserved columns in the MSA
457 457 457

List of all proteins of this PHROG

PHROG prot ID NCBI prot ID NCBI prot annotation Virus ID (click to view) Virus name Virus taxonomy
p20724 no NCBI prot ID no annotation VI_00466 Bacilli_gi_365164259 Viruses; unclassified bacterial viruses.
p31710 no NCBI prot ID no annotation VI_00417 Bacilli_gi_423427972 Viruses.

PHROGs colocalized to this PHROG

PHROG #Prot Annotation Category #Neighbors Probability Score
phrog_2700 52 no annotation unknown function 2 7.28E-13 3.26
phrog_26176 3 no annotation unknown function 1 4.44E-11 1.47

PHROGs similar to this PHROG

PHROG Annotation Category Probability Evalue posQ/posS
phrog_8401 beta-propeller repeat protein other 97.8 4.9E-08 92-410 / 52-315

PFAMs similar to this PHROG

ID Definition Evalue posQ/posS
PF07995.10 Glucose / Sorbosone dehydrogenase 0.0019 84-138 / 4-69
PF01086.16 Clathrin light chain 0.0043 428-457 / 141-170
PF03022.15 Major royal jelly protein 0.0081 84-149 / 3-95
PF14269.5 Arylsulfotransferase (ASST) 0.0097 56-156 / 26-182

Annotations of the NCBI proteins of this PHROG

no RefSeq proteins in this PHROG (only proteins from VirSorter contigs)

KEGG orthologous groups similar to this PHROG

ID Name : Definition Pathways BestScore #Hits
no KEGG group similar to this PHROG                                                            

GO terms in Uniprot proteins similar to this PHROG

ID Definition
GO:0030130 clathrin coat of trans-Golgi network vesicle
GO:0030132 clathrin coat of coated pit
GO:0005198 structural molecule activity
GO:0016192 vesicle-mediated transport
GO:0006886 intracellular protein transport

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