phrog_30500 is made of 2 protein sequences and is annotated as "unknown function"
Functional category: unknown function

Average length of proteins Number of columns in the MSA Number of conserved columns in the MSA
388 388 388

List of all proteins of this PHROG

PHROG prot ID NCBI prot ID NCBI prot annotation Virus ID (click to view) Virus name Virus taxonomy
p203767 no NCBI prot ID no annotation VI_05926 Clostridia_gi_544988754_148_36437 Viruses.
p159914 no NCBI prot ID no annotation VI_06055 Clostridia_gi_545024826 Viruses.

PHROGs colocalized to this PHROG

PHROG #Prot Annotation Category #Neighbors Probability Score
phrog_497 274 toxin-antitoxin system HicB-like moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover 2 1.12E-10 1.07
phrog_27844 3 no annotation unknown function 2 3.29E-17 7.6

PHROGs similar to this PHROG

PHROG Annotation Category Probability Evalue posQ/posS
phrog_289 GTP-binding domain other 93.7 0.0071 119-255 / 3-114
phrog_38708 no annotation unknown function 99.4 8.6E-17 31-263 / 103-346
phrog_4299 no annotation unknown function 100.0 6.8E-39 61-294 / 57-294
phrog_9185 no annotation unknown function 98.9 4.2E-13 77-247 / 39-212

PFAMs similar to this PHROG

ID Definition Evalue posQ/posS
PF02481.14 DNA recombination-mediator protein A 3.7E-33 77-283 / 3-207
PF06908.10 Protein of unknown function (DUF1273) 8E-14 120-262 / 1-167
PF03641.13 Possible lysine decarboxylase 8E-13 159-305 / 1-130
PF12694.6 Putative molybdenum carrier 7E-12 150-265 / 1-101
PF10686.8 Protein of unknown function (DUF2493) 4.5E-07 118-178 / 1-62
PF10078.8 Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria (DUF2316) 0.00026 352-383 / 8-39

Annotations of the NCBI proteins of this PHROG

no RefSeq proteins in this PHROG (only proteins from VirSorter contigs)

KEGG orthologous groups similar to this PHROG

ID Name : Definition Pathways BestScore #Hits
K04096 smf : DNA processing protein no pathways 141 2

GO terms in Uniprot proteins similar to this PHROG

ID Definition
GO:0009294 DNA mediated transformation

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