phrog_30742 is made of 2 protein sequences and is annotated as "tail fiber protein"
Functional category: tail

Average length of proteins Number of columns in the MSA Number of conserved columns in the MSA
905.5 1029 1029

List of all proteins of this PHROG

PHROG prot ID NCBI prot ID NCBI prot annotation Virus ID (click to view) Virus name Virus taxonomy
NC_028955_p96 YP_009213608.1 putative tail fiber-like protein NC_028955 Prochlorococcus phage P-TIM68 Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Myoviridae.
MF351863_p119 ASR76166.1 putative tail fiber MF351863 Synechococcus phage Bellamy Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Myoviridae; Bellamyvirus; Synechococcus virus Bellamy.

PHROGs colocalized to this PHROG

PHROG #Prot Annotation Category #Neighbors Probability Score
no colocalized PHROGS                                                                                          

PHROGs similar to this PHROG

PHROG Annotation Category Probability Evalue posQ/posS
phrog_1325 no annotation unknown function 94.9 0.0017 721-774 / 33-86
phrog_22609 tail fiber protein tail 90.7 0.048 543-657 / 601-766
phrog_27200 no annotation unknown function 98.0 1.1E-08 232-336 / 114-225
phrog_2803 no annotation unknown function 93.4 0.0094 696-770 / 8-79
phrog_32294 baseplate wedge subunit tail 96.6 2.2E-05 256-333 / 1386-1469(2413)
phrog_6005 virion structural protein head and packaging 97.1 2.8E-06 257-333 / 789-939
phrog_6722 tail fiber protein tail 96.1 0.00012 612-655 / 146-230
phrog_677 baseplate wedge tail fiber protein connector tail 96.8 1.1E-05 136-337 / 159-401
phrog_693 tail fiber protein tail 97.5 3E-07 266-337 / 226-317
phrog_708 baseplate wedge subunit tail 93.8 0.0065 256-337 / 572-686

PFAMs similar to this PHROG

ID Definition Evalue posQ/posS
PF00116.19 Cytochrome C oxidase subunit II, periplasmic domain 1.8E-07 322-401 / 48-125
PF13473.5 Cupredoxin-like domain 1.2E-06 321-400 / 41-113
PF07732.14 Multicopper oxidase 2E-05 322-404 / 24-117
PF00127.19 Copper binding proteins, plastocyanin/azurin family 2.9E-05 321-401 / 13-99
PF06525.10 Sulfocyanin (SoxE) domain 0.00021 322-406 / 37-145
PF07731.13 Multicopper oxidase 0.0007 322-403 / 37-156

Annotations of the NCBI proteins of this PHROG

1:tail fiber 1:tail fiber-like protein

KEGG orthologous groups similar to this PHROG

ID Name : Definition Pathways BestScore #Hits
no KEGG group similar to this PHROG                                                            

GO terms in Uniprot proteins similar to this PHROG

ID Definition
GO:0016020 membrane
GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity
GO:0004129 cytochrome-c oxidase activity
GO:0009055 electron transfer activity
GO:0055114 oxidation-reduction process
GO:0005507 copper ion binding

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