phrog_37067 is made of 2 protein sequences and is annotated as "unknown function"
Functional category: unknown function

Average length of proteins Number of columns in the MSA Number of conserved columns in the MSA
124 136 136

List of all proteins of this PHROG

PHROG prot ID NCBI prot ID NCBI prot annotation Virus ID (click to view) Virus name Virus taxonomy
NC_021537_p29 YP_008126564.1 hypothetical protein NC_021537 Halorubrum phage CGphi46 Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae.
NC_021319_p19 YP_008058381.1 hypothetical protein NC_021319 Halovirus HCTV-2 Viruses; unclassified viruses; unclassified DNA viruses; unclassified archaeal dsDNA viruses; Haloviruses.

PHROGs colocalized to this PHROG

PHROG #Prot Annotation Category #Neighbors Probability Score
phrog_25628 3 no annotation unknown function 1 4.44E-11 1.47

PHROGs similar to this PHROG

PHROG Annotation Category Probability Evalue posQ/posS
phrog_8389 no annotation unknown function 95.5 0.00055 61-93 / 51-84

PFAMs similar to this PHROG

ID Definition Evalue posQ/posS
no PFAM domain similar to this PHROG                                             

Annotations of the NCBI proteins of this PHROG

2:hypothetical protein

KEGG orthologous groups similar to this PHROG

ID Name : Definition Pathways BestScore #Hits
no KEGG group similar to this PHROG                                                            

GO terms in Uniprot proteins similar to this PHROG

ID Definition
no GO term               

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