Genomic map of Streptococcus phage phiSS12 (KC413987)

functional categories (each PHROG annotation is associated to a category)             Notes   
head and packaging     DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism     transcription regulation             - one track for each strand
connector integration and excision moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover             - Mouse over proteins to see their ID and annotations
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unknown function             - Click on a protein to see its PHROG

More about this genome

Streptococcus phage phiSS12, complete genome.
Molecule type
Genome structure
Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae; unclassified Siphoviridae.
DB of origin
Host Name
Streptococcus suis
Host domain
Is prophage?
Number of proteins
Number of singletons
Number of paralogs

   List of proteins encoded in this genome

NCBI prot ID PHROG prot ID NCBI prot annotation PHROG number PHROG annotation PHROG category Strand Start End
AGE61165.1 KC413987_p16 hypothetical protein phrog_933 unknown function unknown function -1 13493 13681
AGE61176.1 KC413987_p27 hypothetical protein phrog_4455 unknown function unknown function -1 22315 22581
AGE61153.1 KC413987_p4 hypothetical protein phrog_1164 unknown function unknown function -1 1378 1722
AGE61161.1 KC413987_p12 hypothetical protein phrog_78 tail terminator connector -1 12009 12377
AGE61204.1 KC413987_p55 PemK-like protein phrog_13411 MazF-like growth inhibitor moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover 1 33944 34378
AGE61198.1 KC413987_p49 AntA/AntB antirepressor phrog_63 anti-repressor Ant transcription regulation -1 30216 30926
AGE61179.1 KC413987_p30 hypothetical protein phrog_5513 unknown function unknown function -1 23023 23256
AGE61175.1 KC413987_p26 hypothetical protein phrog_36 transcriptional regulator transcription regulation -1 21831 22280
AGE61163.1 KC413987_p14 hypothetical protein phrog_2168 unknown function unknown function -1 12874 13143
AGE61171.1 KC413987_p22 hypothetical protein phrog_115 minor head protein head and packaging -1 16332 17789
AGE61185.1 KC413987_p36 single-strand binding protein phrog_44 single strand DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 25146 25628
AGE61152.1 KC413987_p3 hypothetical protein phrog_1625 involved in bacteriocin production or immunity moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover -1 1075 1374
AGE61178.1 KC413987_p29 hypothetical protein phrog_12650 unknown function unknown function -1 22847 23023
AGE61173.1 KC413987_p24 phage terminase phrog_38 terminase large subunit head and packaging -1 19207 20625
AGE61150.1 KC413987_p1 phage lysin phrog_1309 endolysin lysis -1 1 738
AGE61201.1 KC413987_p52 Helix-turn-helix family protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 32277 32429
AGE61155.1 KC413987_p6 hypothetical protein phrog_1210 PblB-type receptor binding other -1 1952 7264
AGE61170.1 KC413987_p21 Cys_rich_CPCC family protein phrog_6332 unknown function unknown function -1 16163 16363
AGE61191.1 KC413987_p42 hypothetical protein phrog_2553 unknown function unknown function -1 28292 28471
AGE61202.1 KC413987_p53 hypothetical protein phrog_2253 unknown function unknown function -1 32500 32664
AGE61194.1 KC413987_p45 hypothetical protein phrog_1456 DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 28981 29346
AGE61186.1 KC413987_p37 hypothetical protein phrog_4667 unknown function unknown function -1 25710 25889
AGE61180.1 KC413987_p31 hypothetical protein phrog_884 unknown function unknown function -1 23272 23574
AGE61166.1 KC413987_p17 carbohydrate binding domain protein phrog_422 major head protein head and packaging -1 13692 14708
AGE61167.1 KC413987_p18 hypothetical protein phrog_172 head scaffolding protein head and packaging -1 14726 15337
AGE61187.1 KC413987_p38 hypothetical protein phrog_4027 unknown function unknown function -1 25879 26205
AGE61174.1 KC413987_p25 HNH endonuclease phrog_309 terminase small subunit head and packaging -1 20618 21445
AGE61156.1 KC413987_p7 hypothetical protein phrog_1194 unknown function unknown function -1 7296 7646
AGE61162.1 KC413987_p13 hypothetical protein phrog_5 tail completion or Neck1 protein connector -1 12374 12886
AGE61157.1 KC413987_p8 TMP repeat-containing protein phrog_1535 tail length tape measure protein tail -1 7656 10811
AGE61184.1 KC413987_p35 hypothetical protein phrog_21494 unknown function unknown function -1 24744 25118
AGE61151.1 KC413987_p2 phage holin phrog_608 holin lysis -1 722 1072
AGE61159.1 KC413987_p10 hypothetical protein phrog_183 tail chaperone protein tail -1 11204 11578
AGE61181.1 KC413987_p32 hypothetical protein phrog_827 Holliday junction resolvase DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 23584 24102
AGE61189.1 KC413987_p40 hypothetical protein phrog_674 unknown function unknown function -1 26487 27515
AGE61183.1 KC413987_p34 hypothetical protein phrog_6041 unknown function unknown function -1 24521 24751
AGE61197.1 KC413987_p48 DNA-binding phage protein phrog_668 HTH DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 29858 30133
AGE61193.1 KC413987_p44 hypothetical protein phrog_5637 unknown function unknown function -1 28610 28753
AGE61172.1 KC413987_p23 phage portal protein phrog_64 portal protein head and packaging -1 17731 19194
AGE61169.1 KC413987_p20 hypothetical protein phrog_903 unknown function unknown function -1 15713 15949
AGE61164.1 KC413987_p15 Phage gp6-like head-tail connector protein phrog_132 head-tail adaptor connector -1 13154 13483
AGE61190.1 KC413987_p41 RecT family protein phrog_2760 RecT-like ssDNA annealing protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 27525 28295
AGE61205.1 KC413987_p56 phage integrase phrog_1 integrase integration and excision 1 34504 35598
AGE61192.1 KC413987_p43 hypothetical protein phrog_4614 unknown function unknown function -1 28471 28599
AGE61203.1 KC413987_p54 Helix-turn-helix family protein phrog_4 transcriptional repressor transcription regulation 1 33026 33769
AGE61154.1 KC413987_p5 hypothetical protein phrog_1137 unknown function unknown function -1 1725 1943
AGE61158.1 KC413987_p9 hypothetical protein phrog_2066 unknown function unknown function -1 10818 11177
AGE61188.1 KC413987_p39 hypothetical protein phrog_8210 unknown function unknown function -1 26215 26484
AGE61196.1 KC413987_p47 hypothetical protein phrog_12118 unknown function unknown function -1 29604 29861
AGE61200.1 KC413987_p51 hypothetical protein phrog_16280 unknown function unknown function -1 31765 32097
AGE61177.1 KC413987_p28 hypothetical protein phrog_7136 unknown function unknown function -1 22578 22847
AGE61182.1 KC413987_p33 hypothetical protein phrog_1341 unknown function unknown function -1 24099 24431
AGE61199.1 KC413987_p50 hypothetical protein phrog_1305 DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 30980 31669
AGE61195.1 KC413987_p46 hypothetical protein phrog_12597 unknown function unknown function -1 29399 29623
AGE61168.1 KC413987_p19 hypothetical protein phrog_419 unknown function unknown function -1 15411 15701
AGE61160.1 KC413987_p11 phage tail protein phrog_158 major tail protein tail -1 11589 12005