Genomic map of Pseudomonas phage VW-6S (MF975720)

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More about this genome

Pseudomonas phage VW-6S, complete genome.
Molecule type
Genome structure
Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae; unclassified Siphoviridae.
DB of origin
Host Name
Pseudomonas fluorescens
Host domain
Is prophage?
Number of proteins
Number of singletons
Number of paralogs

   List of proteins encoded in this genome

NCBI prot ID PHROG prot ID NCBI prot annotation PHROG number PHROG annotation PHROG category Strand Start End
ATN93574.1 MF975720_p22 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 12891 13463
ATN93581.1 MF975720_p29 hypothetical protein phrog_3370 unknown function unknown function -1 16948 17604
ATN93571.1 MF975720_p19 hypothetical protein phrog_12397 unknown function unknown function 1 10429 10644
ATN93589.1 MF975720_p37 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 28039 28962
ATN93560.1 MF975720_p8 nuclease phrog_824 unknown function unknown function -1 3703 4134
ATN93601.1 MF975720_p49 portal protein phrog_12 portal protein head and packaging -1 34192 35403
ATN93572.1 MF975720_p20 hypothetical protein phrog_2707 unknown function unknown function -1 10697 11008
ATN93596.1 MF975720_p44 head-tail joining protein phrog_25 head closure Hc1 connector -1 31245 31544
ATN93558.1 MF975720_p6 hypothetical protein phrog_17107 unknown function unknown function -1 2191 2409
ATN93553.1 MF975720_p1 5-methylcytosine-specific restriction endonuclease phrog_144 HNH endonuclease DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 86 481
ATN93577.1 MF975720_p25 cell wall hydrolase, endolysin phrog_938 endolysin lysis -1 14678 15157
ATN93575.1 MF975720_p23 defense against restriction protein A singleton unknown function unknown function 1 13835 14194
ATN93602.1 MF975720_p50 hypothetical protein phrog_7105 unknown function unknown function -1 35403 35594
ATN93576.1 MF975720_p24 Rz protein phrog_312 Rz-like spanin lysis -1 14175 14678
ATN93578.1 MF975720_p26 N-acetyltransferase phrog_4912 tail fiber assembly tail -1 15161 15370
ATN93591.1 MF975720_p39 hypothetical protein phrog_6454 unknown function unknown function -1 29257 29586
ATN93586.1 MF975720_p34 minor tail protein phrog_18 minor tail protein tail -1 23415 24119
ATN93570.1 MF975720_p18 hypothetical protein phrog_4575 unknown function unknown function 1 9754 10350
ATN93566.1 MF975720_p14 Cro/Cl family transcriptional regulator phrog_35 transcriptional repressor transcription regulation -1 7261 7515
ATN93569.1 MF975720_p17 integrase singleton unknown function unknown function 1 9611 9751
ATN93557.1 MF975720_p5 hypothetical protein phrog_5085 unknown function unknown function -1 1877 2194
ATN93593.1 MF975720_p41 tail protein phrog_176 tail terminator connector -1 30179 30565
ATN93554.1 MF975720_p2 holin phrog_126 holin/anti-holin lysis -1 483 812
ATN93592.1 MF975720_p40 tail tube protein phrog_158 major tail protein tail -1 29626 30123
ATN93556.1 MF975720_p4 antitermination protein Q phrog_79 anti-termination protein Q-like transcription regulation -1 1520 1873
ATN93573.1 MF975720_p21 integrase phrog_1 integrase integration and excision 1 11497 12672
ATN93559.1 MF975720_p7 integrase phrog_1 integrase integration and excision -1 2426 3706
ATN93599.1 MF975720_p47 major capsid protein phrog_10 major head protein head and packaging -1 32339 33544
ATN93587.1 MF975720_p35 minor tail protein phrog_14 minor tail protein tail -1 24168 24530
ATN93600.1 MF975720_p48 prohead protease phrog_80 head maturation protease head and packaging -1 33555 34214
ATN93561.1 MF975720_p9 hypothetical protein phrog_131 HNH endonuclease DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 4131 4427
ATN93583.1 MF975720_p31 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function 1 21763 22053
ATN93597.1 MF975720_p45 head-tail connector protein phrog_40 head-tail adaptor Ad1 connector -1 31574 31891
ATN93594.1 MF975720_p42 hypothetical protein phrog_5 tail completion or Neck1 protein connector -1 30558 31061
ATN93579.1 MF975720_p27 tail fiber assembly protein phrog_2398 unknown function unknown function -1 15351 15734
ATN93604.1 MF975720_p52 terminase small subunit phrog_83 terminase small subunit head and packaging -1 37318 37803
ATN93584.1 MF975720_p32 tail assembly protein I phrog_32 tail assembly protein tail -1 22040 22633
ATN93595.1 MF975720_p43 capsid maturation protease phrog_2616 unknown function unknown function -1 31065 31235
ATN93564.1 MF975720_p12 antirepressor protein KilAC domain protein phrog_63 anti-repressor Ant transcription regulation -1 5946 6686
ATN93562.1 MF975720_p10 replication protein P phrog_109 P-like helicase loader DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 4424 5197
ATN93598.1 MF975720_p46 HeH/LEM domain protein phrog_1539 Arc-like repressor transcription regulation -1 31884 32297
ATN93568.1 MF975720_p16 hypothetical protein phrog_5464 unknown function unknown function 1 8803 9441
ATN93582.1 MF975720_p30 tail fiber protein phrog_31 central tail fiber J tail -1 17939 21568
ATN93555.1 MF975720_p3 restriction-modification system adenine methylase phrog_66 excisionase and transcriptional regulator integration and excision 1 1159 1479
ATN93565.1 MF975720_p13 regulatory protein CII phrog_101 CII-like transcriptional activator transcription regulation -1 6756 7178
ATN93590.1 MF975720_p38 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 29006 29164
ATN93563.1 MF975720_p11 replication protein phrog_2509 replication initiation protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 5194 5946
ATN93567.1 MF975720_p15 CI repressor phrog_4 transcriptional repressor transcription regulation 1 7611 8471
ATN93603.1 MF975720_p51 terminase large subunit phrog_9 terminase large subunit head and packaging -1 35591 37318
ATN93580.1 MF975720_p28 tail fiber domain protein phrog_2712 tail fiber protein tail -1 15731 16882
ATN93588.1 MF975720_p36 tail tape-measure protein phrog_339 tail length tape measure protein tail -1 24518 27955
ATN93585.1 MF975720_p33 tail assembly protein phrog_30 minor tail protein tail -1 22630 23412