Genomic map of Cronobacter phage phiES15 (NC_018454)

functional categories (each PHROG annotation is associated to a category)             Notes   
head and packaging     DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism     transcription regulation             - one track for each strand
connector integration and excision moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover             - Mouse over proteins to see their ID and annotations
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unknown function             - Click on a protein to see its PHROG

More about this genome

Cronobacter phage phiES15, complete genome.
Molecule type
Genome structure
Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae.
DB of origin
Host Name
Cronobacter sakazakii
Host domain
Is prophage?
Number of proteins
Number of singletons
Number of paralogs

   List of proteins encoded in this genome

NCBI prot ID PHROG prot ID NCBI prot annotation PHROG number PHROG annotation PHROG category Strand Start End
YP_006590025.1 NC_018454_p20 antitermination protein Q phrog_304 anti-termination protein Q-like transcription regulation 1 11952 12656
YP_006590046.1 NC_018454_p41 hypothetical protein phrog_680 tail length tape measure protein tail 1 26665 26880
YP_006590012.1 NC_018454_p7 hypothetical protein phrog_1366 unknown function unknown function -1 3973 5073
YP_006590022.1 NC_018454_p17 hypothetical protein phrog_1212 unknown function unknown function 1 11106 11306
YP_006590038.1 NC_018454_p33 major capsid protein phrog_247 major head protein head and packaging 1 22285 23247
YP_006590026.1 NC_018454_p21 protein kinase phrog_2361 serine-threonine kinase other 1 12847 13626
YP_006590024.1 NC_018454_p19 crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease RusA phrog_34 RusA-like Holliday junction resolvase DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 11593 11955
YP_006590035.1 NC_018454_p30 structural protein 1 phrog_145 portal protein head and packaging 1 19024 20439
YP_006590054.1 NC_018454_p49 hypothetical protein phrog_1265 membrane protein moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover 1 36107 37063
YP_006590008.1 NC_018454_p3 integrase phrog_1 integrase integration and excision -1 1533 2711
YP_006590016.1 NC_018454_p11 transcriptional repressor DicA phrog_8 transcriptional regulator transcription regulation -1 6862 7266
YP_006590041.1 NC_018454_p36 structural protein 2 phrog_161 head closure Hc1 connector 1 24037 24387
YP_006590023.1 NC_018454_p18 hypothetical protein phrog_131 HNH endonuclease DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 11303 11596
YP_006590030.1 NC_018454_p25 Rz endopeptidase phrog_13 Rz-like spanin lysis 1 15392 15838
YP_006590018.1 NC_018454_p13 replication protein O phrog_678 replication initiation O-like DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 8072 8851
YP_006590032.1 NC_018454_p27 hypothetical protein phrog_9842 unknown function unknown function 1 15878 16486
YP_006590021.1 NC_018454_p16 hypothetical protein phrog_72 NinB/ Orf homologous recombination mediator DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 10647 11102
YP_006590017.1 NC_018454_p12 CII protein phrog_191 CII-like transcriptional activator transcription regulation 1 7620 7952
YP_006590015.1 NC_018454_p10 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 6269 6556
YP_006590043.1 NC_018454_p38 hypothetical protein phrog_179 tail terminator connector 1 24799 25212
YP_006590057.1 NC_018454_p52 hypothetical protein phrog_3469 UmuD-like protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 39400 39726
YP_006590027.1 NC_018454_p22 serine/threonine phosphatase phrog_5650 unknown function unknown function 1 13623 14366
YP_006590042.1 NC_018454_p37 hypothetical protein phrog_169 tail completion or Neck1 protein connector 1 24389 24802
YP_006590033.1 NC_018454_p28 terminase small subunit phrog_51 terminase small subunit head and packaging 1 17010 17534
YP_006590047.1 NC_018454_p42 tail tape measure protein phrog_24 tail length tape measure protein tail 1 26877 29597
YP_006590050.1 NC_018454_p45 minor tail protein L phrog_18 minor tail protein tail 1 30660 31436
YP_006590045.1 NC_018454_p40 hypothetical protein phrog_569 tail length tape measure protein tail 1 26255 26566
YP_006590013.1 NC_018454_p8 host-nuclease inhibitor protein phrog_259 gam-like host nuclease inhibitor moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover -1 5073 5363
YP_006590020.1 NC_018454_p15 protein Ren phrog_142 Ren-like exclusion protein moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover 1 9583 9891
YP_006590040.1 NC_018454_p35 hypothetical protein phrog_477 head-tail adaptor Ad1 connector 1 23551 24033
YP_006590009.1 NC_018454_p4 excisionase phrog_2917 excisionase integration and excision -1 2666 2875
YP_006590049.1 NC_018454_p44 minor tail protein phrog_14 minor tail protein tail 1 30316 30663
YP_006590028.1 NC_018454_p23 hypothetical protein phrog_20 holin lysis 1 14601 14885
YP_006590053.1 NC_018454_p48 host specificity protein phrog_31 central tail fiber J tail 1 32796 36104
YP_006590037.1 NC_018454_p32 hypothetical protein phrog_206 head scaffolding protein head and packaging 1 21602 22285
YP_006590011.1 NC_018454_p6 hypothetical protein phrog_6022 unknown function unknown function -1 3668 3976
YP_006590010.1 NC_018454_p5 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase phrog_359 DNA methyltransferase other -1 3004 3660
YP_006590014.1 NC_018454_p9 prophage Kil protein phrog_294 Kil protein for bacterial septation inhibition other -1 5461 5667
YP_006590006.1 NC_018454_p1 hypothetical protein phrog_3630 unknown function unknown function -1 203 1021
YP_006590052.1 NC_018454_p47 lambda tail assembly protein I phrog_32 tail assembly protein tail 1 32155 32745
YP_006590031.1 NC_018454_p26 lipoprotein Rz1 precursor phrog_3198 Rz-like spanin lysis 1 15594 15797
YP_006590034.1 NC_018454_p29 terminase large subunit phrog_2 terminase large subunit head and packaging 1 17534 19024
YP_006590029.1 NC_018454_p24 endolysin phrog_7 endolysin lysis 1 14924 15388
YP_006590007.1 NC_018454_p2 hypothetical protein phrog_35771 unknown function unknown function -1 1025 1273
YP_006590048.1 NC_018454_p43 hypothetical protein phrog_8032 unknown function unknown function 1 29682 30251
YP_006590044.1 NC_018454_p39 major tail protein phrog_584 major tail protein tail 1 25262 26215
YP_006590019.1 NC_018454_p14 replication protein P phrog_109 P-like helicase loader DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism 1 8848 9570
YP_006590055.1 NC_018454_p50 hypothetical protein phrog_1980 tail fiber protein tail 1 37122 39005
YP_006590056.1 NC_018454_p51 hypothetical protein phrog_3893 unknown function unknown function 1 39158 39397
YP_006590051.1 NC_018454_p46 NlpC/P60 family protein phrog_30 minor tail protein tail 1 31439 32158
YP_006590036.1 NC_018454_p31 hypothetical protein phrog_241 head morphogenesis head and packaging 1 20423 21526
YP_006590039.1 NC_018454_p34 hypothetical protein phrog_215 structural protein with Ig domain head and packaging 1 23259 23510