Genomic map of Streptococcus phage IC1 (NC_024370)

functional categories (each PHROG annotation is associated to a category)             Notes   
head and packaging     DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism     transcription regulation             - one track for each strand
connector integration and excision moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover             - Mouse over proteins to see their ID and annotations
tail lysis other             - Scroll to zoom
unknown function             - Click on a protein to see its PHROG

More about this genome

Streptococcus phage IC1, complete sequence.
Molecule type
Genome structure
Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae.
DB of origin
Host Name
Streptococcus pneumoniae
Host domain
Is prophage?
Number of proteins
Number of singletons
Number of paralogs

   List of proteins encoded in this genome

NCBI prot ID PHROG prot ID NCBI prot annotation PHROG number PHROG annotation PHROG category Strand Start End
YP_009043948.1 NC_024370_p8 hypothetical protein phrog_2066 unknown function unknown function -1 13426 13776
YP_009043986.1 NC_024370_p46 hypothetical protein phrog_4488 unknown function unknown function -1 36752 36874
YP_009043949.1 NC_024370_p9 hypothetical protein phrog_183 tail chaperone protein tail -1 13815 14195
YP_009043966.1 NC_024370_p26 hypothetical protein phrog_2131 unknown function unknown function -1 26139 26561
YP_009043962.1 NC_024370_p22 Phage terminase small subunit phrog_51 terminase small subunit head and packaging -1 22966 23478
YP_009043944.1 NC_024370_p4 hypothetical protein phrog_1137 unknown function unknown function -1 1871 2074
YP_009043984.1 NC_024370_p44 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 35496 35630
YP_009043981.1 NC_024370_p41 hypothetical protein phrog_3624 unknown function unknown function -1 34037 34198
YP_009043989.1 NC_024370_p49 Integrase phrog_95 integrase integration and excision 1 38520 39965
YP_009043982.1 NC_024370_p42 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function -1 34407 34556
YP_009043978.1 NC_024370_p38 hypothetical protein phrog_3819 unknown function unknown function -1 33294 33548
YP_009043977.1 NC_024370_p37 Phage recombination protein phrog_2760 RecT-like ssDNA annealing protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 32031 32795
YP_009043945.1 NC_024370_p5 PblB-type protein phrog_1210 PblB-type receptor binding other -1 2169 9422
YP_009043963.1 NC_024370_p23 hypothetical protein phrog_36 transcriptional regulator transcription regulation -1 24725 25129
YP_009043969.1 NC_024370_p29 hypothetical protein phrog_834 unknown function unknown function -1 27649 27966
YP_009043953.1 NC_024370_p13 hypothetical protein phrog_2168 unknown function unknown function -1 15471 15773
YP_009043957.1 NC_024370_p17 hypothetical protein phrog_918 unknown function unknown function -1 18100 18351
YP_009043946.1 NC_024370_p6 hypothetical protein phrog_1194 unknown function unknown function -1 9427 9777
YP_009043987.1 NC_024370_p47 hypothetical protein phrog_5570 unknown function unknown function -1 36948 37223
YP_009043952.1 NC_024370_p12 phage neck protein phrog_5 tail completion or Neck1 protein connector -1 14981 15448
YP_009043951.1 NC_024370_p11 hypothetical protein phrog_78 tail terminator connector -1 14616 14984
YP_009043985.1 NC_024370_p45 hypothetical protein phrog_8659 unknown function unknown function -1 35924 36103
YP_009043955.1 NC_024370_p15 carbohydrate-binding protein phrog_422 major head protein head and packaging -1 16301 17326
YP_009043943.1 NC_024370_p3 hypothetical protein phrog_1164 unknown function unknown function -1 1518 1868
YP_009043950.1 NC_024370_p10 major phage tail protein phrog_158 major tail protein tail -1 14200 14613
YP_009043979.1 NC_024370_p39 hypothetical protein phrog_8343 unknown function unknown function -1 33561 33815
YP_009043967.1 NC_024370_p27 hypothetical protein phrog_4252 unknown function unknown function -1 26815 26937
YP_009043972.1 NC_024370_p32 Cytosine specific DNA methyltransferase phrog_954 DNA methyltransferase other -1 29135 29641
YP_009043976.1 NC_024370_p36 hypothetical protein phrog_674 unknown function unknown function -1 30981 32021
YP_009043961.1 NC_024370_p21 Phage terminase large subunit phrog_2 terminase large subunit head and packaging -1 21690 22988
YP_009043983.1 NC_024370_p43 hypothetical protein phrog_1456 DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 35051 35332
YP_009043956.1 NC_024370_p16 phage scaffold protein phrog_172 head scaffolding protein head and packaging -1 17349 17873
YP_009043954.1 NC_024370_p14 hypothetical protein phrog_933 unknown function unknown function -1 16103 16291
YP_009043970.1 NC_024370_p30 phage Holliday junction resolvase phrog_140 RusA-like Holliday junction resolvase DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 28189 28479
YP_009043941.1 NC_024370_p1 lytic amidase phrog_1110 endolysin lysis -1 1 957
YP_009043975.1 NC_024370_p35 hypothetical protein phrog_4027 unknown function unknown function -1 30490 30978
YP_009043980.1 NC_024370_p40 hypothetical protein phrog_2648 unknown function unknown function -1 33816 34037
YP_009043960.1 NC_024370_p20 Phage portal protein phrog_64 portal protein head and packaging -1 20209 21510
YP_009043958.1 NC_024370_p18 hypothetical protein phrog_419 unknown function unknown function -1 18353 18598
YP_009043973.1 NC_024370_p33 Single stranded DNA binding protein phrog_44 single strand DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 29651 30067
YP_009043965.1 NC_024370_p25 YopX domain protein phrog_98 unknown function unknown function -1 25711 26085
YP_009043964.1 NC_024370_p24 hypothetical protein phrog_2275 unknown function unknown function -1 25204 25518
YP_009043947.1 NC_024370_p7 TMP domain-containing protein phrog_1535 tail length tape measure protein tail -1 9786 13439
YP_009043988.1 NC_024370_p48 phage repressor protein phrog_4 transcriptional repressor transcription regulation 1 37384 38136
YP_009043968.1 NC_024370_p28 hypothetical protein phrog_121 unknown function unknown function -1 26976 27662
YP_009043959.1 NC_024370_p19 phage head morphogenesis protein phrog_2841 minor head protein head and packaging -1 18750 20246
YP_009043942.1 NC_024370_p2 Holin phrog_608 holin lysis -1 966 1298
YP_009043971.1 NC_024370_p31 hypothetical protein phrog_1341 unknown function unknown function -1 28617 28946
YP_009043974.1 NC_024370_p34 hypothetical protein phrog_5262 unknown function unknown function -1 30064 30180