Genomic map of Pseudomonas phage JBD25 (NC_027992)

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head and packaging     DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism     transcription regulation             - one track for each strand
connector integration and excision moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover             - Mouse over proteins to see their ID and annotations
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unknown function             - Click on a protein to see its PHROG

More about this genome

Pseudomonas phage JBD25, complete genome.
Molecule type
Genome structure
Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae.
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   List of proteins encoded in this genome

NCBI prot ID PHROG prot ID NCBI prot annotation PHROG number PHROG annotation PHROG category Strand Start End
YP_009168742.1 NC_027992_p17 hypothetical protein phrog_6525 unknown function unknown function -1 9829 10089
YP_009168746.1 NC_027992_p21 hypothetical protein singleton unknown function unknown function 1 11752 11910
YP_009168771.1 NC_027992_p46 tape measure domain protein phrog_24 tail length tape measure protein tail 1 27322 30951
YP_009168759.1 NC_027992_p34 phage Mu protein F-like protein phrog_220 minor head protein and DNA pilot head and packaging 1 19766 21004
YP_009168752.1 NC_027992_p27 hypothetical protein phrog_6410 unknown function unknown function 1 14523 14741
YP_009168733.1 NC_027992_p8 hypothetical protein phrog_4446 unknown function unknown function -1 3557 3757
YP_009168729.1 NC_027992_p4 hypothetical protein phrog_5249 unknown function unknown function -1 1590 2057
YP_009168728.1 NC_027992_p3 PF06252 family protein phrog_286 unknown function unknown function -1 1037 1603
YP_009168738.1 NC_027992_p13 hypothetical protein phrog_296 DNA transposition protein integration and excision -1 5577 6743
YP_009168751.1 NC_027992_p26 transglycosylase SLT domain protein phrog_669 endolysin lysis 1 13897 14526
YP_009168776.1 NC_027992_p51 hypothetical protein phrog_1180 tail assembly chaperone tail 1 35362 35601
YP_009168778.1 NC_027992_p53 hypothetical protein phrog_1101 tail protein tail 1 35806 38013
YP_009168748.1 NC_027992_p23 hypothetical protein phrog_21394 unknown function unknown function -1 12898 13272
YP_009168747.1 NC_027992_p22 lipoprotein phrog_10370 lipoprotein other 1 11928 12425
YP_009168753.1 NC_027992_p28 hypothetical protein phrog_1403 Rz-like spanin lysis 1 14728 15351
YP_009168764.1 NC_027992_p39 hypothetical protein phrog_9946 unknown function unknown function 1 24361 24669
YP_009168732.1 NC_027992_p7 PF11363 family protein phrog_846 unknown function unknown function -1 2941 3594
YP_009168730.1 NC_027992_p5 hypothetical protein phrog_3223 unknown function unknown function -1 2057 2248
YP_009168739.1 NC_027992_p14 integrase core domain protein phrog_310 transposase integration and excision -1 6743 8527
YP_009168740.1 NC_027992_p15 hypothetical protein phrog_4623 unknown function unknown function -1 8531 9508
YP_009168760.1 NC_027992_p35 phage virion morphogenesis family protein phrog_26 tail completion or Neck1 protein connector 1 21006 21581
YP_009168766.1 NC_027992_p41 hypothetical protein phrog_209 portal protein head and packaging 1 25184 25636
YP_009168770.1 NC_027992_p45 hypothetical protein phrog_11261 unknown function unknown function -1 27023 27205
YP_009168731.1 NC_027992_p6 PF10979 family protein phrog_421 unknown function unknown function -1 2250 2939
YP_009168734.1 NC_027992_p9 hypothetical protein phrog_3190 unknown function unknown function -1 3750 4283
YP_009168768.1 NC_027992_p43 hypothetical protein phrog_807 major tail protein with Ig-like domain tail 1 25843 26583
YP_009168749.1 NC_027992_p24 hypothetical protein phrog_1528 holin lysis 1 13443 13739
YP_009168774.1 NC_027992_p49 hypothetical protein phrog_1082 tail assembly protein tail 1 32839 34542
YP_009168754.1 NC_027992_p29 PF10805 family protein phrog_736 unknown function unknown function 1 15351 15671
YP_009168769.1 NC_027992_p44 hypothetical protein phrog_1442 tail assembly chaperone tail 1 26586 27068
YP_009168726.1 NC_027992_p1 mor transcription activator family protein phrog_532 late transcriptional activator transcription regulation -1 124 492
YP_009168755.1 NC_027992_p30 hypothetical protein phrog_436 unknown function unknown function 1 15668 15970
YP_009168735.1 NC_027992_p10 hypothetical protein phrog_6574 unknown function unknown function -1 4273 4953
YP_009168750.1 NC_027992_p25 hypothetical protein phrog_5479 unknown function unknown function 1 13742 13900
YP_009168727.1 NC_027992_p2 hypothetical protein phrog_2161 unknown function unknown function -1 489 1037
YP_009168741.1 NC_027992_p16 hypothetical protein phrog_1368 transcriptional regulator transcription regulation -1 9518 9832
YP_009168745.1 NC_027992_p20 BcepMufamily phage-associated protein phrog_925 HTH DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 11203 11433
YP_009168767.1 NC_027992_p42 hypothetical protein phrog_3357 unknown function unknown function 1 25633 25836
YP_009168761.1 NC_027992_p36 Mu-like prophage I protein phrog_328 head maturation protease head and packaging 1 21792 22901
YP_009168772.1 NC_027992_p47 hypothetical protein phrog_687 structural protein head and packaging 1 30958 31914
YP_009168773.1 NC_027992_p48 hypothetical protein phrog_687 structural protein head and packaging 1 31916 32839
YP_009168780.1 NC_027992_p55 hypothetical protein phrog_2432 unknown function unknown function 1 39164 39448
YP_009168744.1 NC_027992_p19 hypothetical protein phrog_25086 unknown function unknown function 1 10824 11012
YP_009168743.1 NC_027992_p18 hypothetical protein phrog_101 CII-like transcriptional activator transcription regulation -1 10082 10858
YP_009168757.1 NC_027992_p32 hypothetical protein phrog_2 terminase large subunit head and packaging 1 16523 18196
YP_009168775.1 NC_027992_p50 TIGR02218 family protein phrog_778 tail assembly protein tail 1 34532 35353
YP_009168737.1 NC_027992_p12 hypothetical protein phrog_2043 unknown function unknown function -1 5234 5575
YP_009168756.1 NC_027992_p31 PF11985 family protein phrog_426 terminase small subunit head and packaging 1 15973 16521
YP_009168765.1 NC_027992_p40 PF07030 family protein phrog_195 head-tail adaptor connector 1 24672 25187
YP_009168763.1 NC_027992_p38 Mu-like prophage major head subunit gpT phrog_371 major head protein head and packaging 1 23326 24222
YP_009168758.1 NC_027992_p33 PF06074 family protein phrog_113 portal protein head and packaging 1 18190 19776
YP_009168777.1 NC_027992_p52 hypothetical protein phrog_1196 tail assembly chaperone tail 1 35598 35816
YP_009168779.1 NC_027992_p54 PF10983 family protein phrog_2875 virion structural protein head and packaging 1 38010 39161
YP_009168736.1 NC_027992_p11 hypothetical protein phrog_6655 unknown function unknown function -1 4953 5237
YP_009168762.1 NC_027992_p37 hypothetical protein phrog_1731 virion structural protein head and packaging 1 22907 23311