Genomic map of Streptococcus phage phiARI0468-1 (NC_031929)

functional categories (each PHROG annotation is associated to a category)             Notes   
head and packaging     DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism     transcription regulation             - one track for each strand
connector integration and excision moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover             - Mouse over proteins to see their ID and annotations
tail lysis other             - Scroll to zoom
unknown function             - Click on a protein to see its PHROG

More about this genome

Streptococcus phage phiARI0468-1, complete genome.
Molecule type
Genome structure
Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Uroviricota; Caudoviricetes; Caudovirales; Siphoviridae.
DB of origin
Host Name
Streptococcus pneumoniae
Host domain
Is prophage?
Number of proteins
Number of singletons
Number of paralogs

   List of proteins encoded in this genome

NCBI prot ID PHROG prot ID NCBI prot annotation PHROG number PHROG annotation PHROG category Strand Start End
YP_009323503.1 NC_031929_p31 hypothetical protein phrog_1341 unknown function unknown function -1 28582 28911
YP_009323493.1 NC_031929_p21 terminase_2 domain protein phrog_51 terminase small subunit head and packaging -1 22679 23119
YP_009323511.1 NC_031929_p39 hypothetical protein phrog_4614 unknown function unknown function -1 33019 33135
YP_009323507.1 NC_031929_p35 hypothetical protein phrog_4027 unknown function unknown function -1 30455 30958
YP_009323490.1 NC_031929_p18 hypothetical protein phrog_2841 minor head protein head and packaging -1 18463 19959
YP_009323504.1 NC_031929_p32 methyltransf_25 domain protein phrog_954 DNA methyltransferase other -1 29100 29606
YP_009323496.1 NC_031929_p24 YopX domain protein phrog_98 unknown function unknown function -1 24748 25140
YP_009323514.1 NC_031929_p42 ATP-binding phage protein phrog_50 DnaC-like helicase loader DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 34045 34899
YP_009323483.1 NC_031929_p11 hypothetical protein phrog_5 tail completion or Neck1 protein connector -1 14682 15197
YP_009323487.1 NC_031929_p15 hypothetical protein phrog_172 head scaffolding protein head and packaging -1 17028 17612
YP_009323516.1 NC_031929_p44 hypothetical protein phrog_4488 unknown function unknown function -1 37003 37125
YP_009323517.1 NC_031929_p45 hypothetical protein phrog_5570 unknown function unknown function -1 37199 37474
YP_009323502.1 NC_031929_p30 rusA domain protein phrog_140 RusA-like Holliday junction resolvase DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 28157 28585
YP_009323500.1 NC_031929_p28 hypothetical protein phrog_834 unknown function unknown function -1 27329 27646
YP_009323495.1 NC_031929_p23 hypothetical protein phrog_3476 unknown function unknown function -1 24063 24434
YP_009323494.1 NC_031929_p22 DUF1492 domain protein phrog_36 transcriptional regulator transcription regulation -1 23587 23946
YP_009323501.1 NC_031929_p29 hypothetical protein phrog_2131 unknown function unknown function -1 27691 28113
YP_009323491.1 NC_031929_p19 hypothetical protein phrog_64 portal protein head and packaging -1 19922 21391
YP_009323480.1 NC_031929_p8 hypothetical protein phrog_183 tail chaperone protein tail -1 13516 13896
YP_009323485.1 NC_031929_p13 hypothetical protein phrog_2250 unknown function unknown function -1 15982 16164
YP_009323505.1 NC_031929_p33 SSB domain protein phrog_44 single strand DNA binding protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 29616 30032
YP_009323478.1 NC_031929_p6 hypothetical protein phrog_1194 unknown function unknown function -1 9128 9478
YP_009323476.1 NC_031929_p4 hypothetical protein phrog_1137 unknown function unknown function -1 2442 2645
YP_009323518.1 NC_031929_p46 HTH_3 domain protein phrog_4 transcriptional repressor transcription regulation 1 37649 38452
YP_009323481.1 NC_031929_p9 tail_3 domain protein phrog_158 major tail protein tail -1 13901 14314
YP_009323509.1 NC_031929_p37 RecT domain protein phrog_2760 RecT-like ssDNA annealing protein DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 31996 32760
YP_009323508.1 NC_031929_p36 DUF1351 domain protein phrog_674 unknown function unknown function -1 30946 31986
YP_009323489.1 NC_031929_p17 hypothetical protein phrog_5469 unknown function unknown function -1 17949 18113
YP_009323477.1 NC_031929_p5 peptidase_S74 domain protein phrog_1210 PblB-type receptor binding other -1 2740 9123
YP_009323488.1 NC_031929_p16 hypothetical protein phrog_774 unknown function unknown function -1 17782 17994
YP_009323497.1 NC_031929_p25 hypothetical protein phrog_2715 unknown function unknown function -1 25159 25608
YP_009323519.1 NC_031929_p47 PemK domain protein phrog_1412 antitoxin mazE-like moron, auxiliary metabolic gene and host takeover 1 38454 39218
YP_009323512.1 NC_031929_p40 hypothetical protein phrog_22807 unknown function unknown function -1 33207 33329
YP_009323484.1 NC_031929_p12 hypothetical protein phrog_933 unknown function unknown function -1 15804 15992
YP_009323520.1 NC_031929_p48 Resolvase domain protein phrog_95 integrase integration and excision 1 39525 40970
YP_009323479.1 NC_031929_p7 hypothetical protein phrog_1535 tail length tape measure protein tail -1 9487 13140
YP_009323510.1 NC_031929_p38 hypothetical protein phrog_8688 unknown function unknown function -1 32772 33002
YP_009323475.1 NC_031929_p3 hypothetical protein phrog_1164 unknown function unknown function -1 2089 2439
YP_009323513.1 NC_031929_p41 hypothetical protein phrog_2648 unknown function unknown function -1 33460 33666
YP_009323515.1 NC_031929_p43 primosome protein phrog_186 DnaD-like helicase loader DNA, RNA and nucleotide metabolism -1 34909 35760
YP_009323498.1 NC_031929_p26 hypothetical protein phrog_2003 unknown function unknown function -1 26366 26653
YP_009323474.1 NC_031929_p2 holin_LLH domain protein phrog_608 holin lysis -1 1442 1777
YP_009323482.1 NC_031929_p10 DUF3168 domain protein phrog_78 tail terminator connector -1 14317 14685
YP_009323506.1 NC_031929_p34 hypothetical protein phrog_5262 unknown function unknown function -1 30029 30127
YP_009323499.1 NC_031929_p27 DUF1642 domain protein phrog_121 unknown function unknown function -1 26653 27327
YP_009323473.1 NC_031929_p1 amidase_2 domain protein phrog_1110 endolysin lysis -1 486 1442
YP_009323486.1 NC_031929_p14 hypothetical protein phrog_544 major head protein head and packaging -1 16176 17021
YP_009323492.1 NC_031929_p20 terminase_3 domain protein phrog_2 terminase large subunit head and packaging -1 21403 22701